Sunday, May 6, 2012

Don't Fetch!

Here's a shout-out to our very good – and somewhat newly neglected – dog. He's been a great companion since Chelsea came home from the hospital; always at my feet and ready for a scratch behind the ear but never demanding.

If you know Miles, you know he's crazy about retrieving balls – after all, it's just plain instinct for the fuzzy guy. The ball in the photo below is called the O-Ball, it is a great infant toy that Chelsea seems to like . . . and so does Miles. Every time we bring it out for Chelsea I wonder how long the O-Ball can maintain its baby-toy status until having to surrender it to dog-toy status.

This morning, I watched closely as Miles cuddled up to Chelsea while she was playing with her O-Ball in her Bumbo seat. Miles' ears perked up as Chelsea flung the ball to the ground. I calmly told him, "That's not yours," he sighed and rested his head back on the ground. Looks like we'll be able to keep the O-Ball in the baby toy box for awhile longer. Good boy, Miles!

(above) Miles never met a ball he didn't like
(bottom) Chelsea tries on a few different looks - left: presidential speech, right: mafioso lean-back

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Kristin said...

Poor Miles. If only you could make it clear to him that soon Chelsea will be a really good fetch partner.