Tuesday, May 15, 2012

My Many Backpacks

I love the idea of baby carriers. For centuries, moms all of the world have been carrying their babies in all sorts of contraptions in order to multitask, and ultimately, bond with their babes. As a new mom trying to find her way, it just feels like the right thing to do.

On the first warm day, I broke out my Baby Bjorn for its maiden voyage. As I tried to manipulate the Bjorn's many buckles and straps, I found myself thinking I’m not doing this right, I’ll have to go to REI to have them fit me properly. Clearly, my heart still lives at REI but since they lack a "little layette" department, I’m going to have to shift my loyalties for a few years. I'll have to go to Buy Buy Baby or Isis for help (I’ll try to find a salesperson who looks like they know how to wield a carabiner for good measure).

With my Bjorn fit to the best of my abilities, Chelsea and I made our way to the market. On our walk, I started thinking about the many packs I’ve lugged on my back through the years and noticed a pattern – some pretty significant events in my life are often accompanied by my trusty friend, the backpack. 

Headed out to backpack through Europe . . . this was an obvious selection to illustrate my point. In my internal frame pack on my back: everything from a winter parka for snowboarding in the Alps to a swimsuit to sunbathe on the Greek islands. Note, this pack was adjusted to fit my body at REI. In my daypack on my chest: Eurail Pass, journal, camera, Bono's address.

On my back: a small, Swiss man named Georges – he was pivotal to a soft landing after we jumped out of this plane. (I know, I know, Dad - why would I jump out of a perfectly good plane? ;) )

In Andy's daypack: the ring he used to propose to me moments before this photo was taken. Note, that green daypack was the first gift I ever gave to Andy.

In my daypack on Kilimanjaro: 4 Nalgenes of water, camera, rain gear, trekking poles (+ Lizzigator).

In my Bjorn: the most precious cargo.

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