Saturday, February 4, 2012

See the Elephant?

I've adopted that sing-songy kid voice, which is an inevitability when living the vida loca of full-time new mommy. Lucky for me, Chelsea is very alert so at least it appears as if she is interested in all of the garbley gook I'm singing at her all day long.

When she focuses in on an object I say "see the ....?" Despite my sleep deprivation, I've noticed a pattern: I say "see the elephant?" about 50 times a day—and it's not the same elephant! There are elephants all over our house (giraffes follow at a close second)!

Elephants are really awesome creatures, so I'm fine with the repetition in decor but I wonder if this is misleading. Will Chelsea think elephants are indigenous to the greater Boston area? Will she be disappointed when she finds out they aren't? Will she be upset that we didn't prepare her to learn about animals that she would actually see in the neighborhood? Maybe I should have bought that mobile with the squirrels on it instead.

Chelsea looking at yet another elephant!

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