Friday, January 20, 2012

Thoughts from My Dutailier

I can't really say I have a plethora of thoughts to offer since sleep deprivation has slowed my brain down to a tortoise pace but here are some disjointed tidbits that have occurred to me while nursing on my glider:

  1. What is today? Days seem to melt into one another since my life has become a series of naps.
  2. Go hug your mother (and your dad too). I never realized the extent of sacrifices parents make for their kids...and I've only just begun parenting.
  3. I wrote "food" on our grocery list. I wasn't trying to be funny.
  4. I'm seriously questioning my relationship with My Brest Friend. Even though she seems to be really popular, I don't like her. She's clingy and hurts my back.
    (My Brest Friend is a nursing pillow that everyone seems to love except for me!)
  5. C-sections take a really long time to heal.
  6. Our daughter is freaking adorable.


Kristin said...

Random thought from me: I read this fast, thought it said "best friend" and had a moment of panic.

Ali said...

Don't worry - you don't hurt my back. I'll keep you.