Monday, November 7, 2011

Discomfort Sets In

Well, I suppose it’s about time. I think I’ve flown under the pregnancy radar and avoided lots of typical aches and pains due to my level of activity...well, I'm assuming it's due to my level of activity...maybe it was just luck. Regardless, I am so pleased my body has allowed me to continue to workout regularly.

When I put my heart rate monitor this morning, I was already at 100 bpm…and I was only in the locker room! By the time I got to the gym at the top of the stairs (to be fair, there are a lot of stairs) I was at 140 bpm, which is the maximum heart rate I am allowed. I'm at my max already?! I didn’t even so much as look at a bike much less start my spin class! As I waddled my way to the studio, with hips totally screaming at me, I started coming to the realization that this might be my last spin class until after the baby is born. Totally bummed but looking on the bright side – at least I made it to 31 weeks – I reluctantly entered the studio.

Pregnancy is funny. Yes, sometimes funny ha-ha. Turns out I feel better on the bike than on my feet! Perhaps it’s the power of the Black Eyed Peas but I had a great class, maintained proper heart rate throughout and am so going back next week and hopefully for the next 9 weeks! Phew!

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