Wednesday, October 12, 2011

The Babymoon

Go out to dinner and a movie. Repeat. This is the pre-baby arrival advice we've been getting from our new parent friends. Seems sound to me. So we planned one final jaunt as a couple – a babymoon – to our favorite destination, California.

For the past two years, low airfares and a place to stay in Santa Monica have afforded us the opportunity to bask in the good vibes of the golden state about twice a year...yeah, we kind of enjoy it. Our visits usually revolve around active outdoor excursions, food, and of couse, wine. The focus of our trip this time around, however, would have to shift quite a bit:  surf lessons and horseback riding were out; joining in with the acrobats at Venice Beach would be a no-no; and given my temporary oenophilic limitations, we kept our distance from Napa and Sonoma...that would just be cruel and unusual punishment for a pregnant Ali.

Taking it slow...the view from my beach towel.

So what did we do? We took it slow, ate, spent quality time with our favorite French Canadian friend, went to a spa in Palm Springs, finally visited The Getty, ate, went to a zoo, got caught in a flash mob, revisited Santa Barbara County for a day of wine tasting (where I was happy to be the designated driver), ate, took a tour of Hollywood and celebrity homes, drove with the top down in our convertible, spent time on the beach, and of course, ate some more. It was not our typical visit but this babymoon thing is new for us!


Kristin said...

I'll admit, I make similar videos of beach scenes in Hawaii. Then I watch them in February. (The link for the photos doesn't seem to work.)

Ali said...

I love this beach, it's so huge, has walking and biking paths for miles and miles, unlimited amounts of sun and I always see dolphins playing in the water.

The photo link works now!