Monday, August 15, 2011

We're Having a Girl!

Actually, the exact words of the ultrasound technician were, "You're having a girl gymnast." (No, I'm not kidding.) During the ultrasound, our little girl was doing flips and moving around at a good clip, which made it quite challenging to photograph her – as you can see by the not-so-clear imaging below!

(I'll need to heavily caption these images, 
they are not as self-explanatory as our ultrasound two months ago.)

This is her head with her mouth open and fist in the air, looks like she's rocking out in a karaoke bar.

Tiny baby feet are really cute and when she "kicked" the camera, it was just plain adorable. It cracks me up that this is the clearest image of the day.

What even is this? Well, if you were there, you would know this blur of an image was a nicely-executed double back flip with a triple twist. She's been perfecting it over the past week or so. We're proud of her.

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