Wednesday, June 29, 2011


So I'm feeling good and here's more good stuff: I got my second ultrasound this morning. I can’t really describe the emotions that run through your body as you get this quick peek at a baby—your baby—in your belly. That's actually in me? It’s a moment of simultaneous laughter/tears/eyes bugging out/whoa-ness. Yeah, no words, which would make this blog post a bust if it weren't for the powerful visual below. Ohh...ahh...

The ultrasound technician said it was super active (as did the technician during my first ultrasound). The baby was moving its arms wildly and kicking its feet, even rotating away and towards the viewfinder. I think I saw it parkour but it's all a blur, really. I just hope its toes were pointed.

Here it is! Incredible how quickly it has developed from the last time we saw it. Back then, we both though it was bean-shaped and a little Stimpy-esque, but now it is starting to actually look like a baby! Fascinating and amazing!

What is parkour? Take a look at this.

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