Friday, May 27, 2011


Andy and I went out to dinner and I was pleased as punch to find out black truffles were on special that evening. So that’s what I ordered (duh). First, I was served a beautiful plate of pasta and then the waiter returned from special trip with a glass-domed platter containing the coveted truffles. He removed one of those fecal-looking bad boys from its tiny throne and proceeded to shave it over my pasta. OMG, the aromas made me squeal first, then it was audible. I didn’t care.

My first bite was heavenly. And to wash it down, I reached for the stem of my wine glass but instead grabbed the only thing to the left of my plate, Coca-Cola. Coca f-ing Cola! Are you kidding me? I could have paired this with several selections from the wine list that would blow my taste buds away and leave my mouth watering for weeks to come. But no. This was painful and so wrong in every way. How the hell am I going to get through nine months of this?

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