Monday, May 23, 2011


I’m assuming elevated levels of hormones don’t agree with most people. But for me, it got pretty horrible pretty quickly. I can’t even say it was an emotional roller coaster because there were no ups, it was all downs.

All of the Ali in me flew so far out the window it seemed to land in another time zone. And when you’re struggling that much, you freak out and wonder if you will ever get you back. It made me so frustrated that I would have surges of tension like a tantrum or a seizure, which happened frequently enough that we decided to call it full-body frustration.

“Are you OK?”
“Yeah, just full-body frustration again. Ugh.”

Thank god for Andy, who can give one hell of a pep talk and a whole lot of love.
This fiercely independent and (sometimes) tough chick would not have won this battle without the unwavering support of Andy. I know those first few weeks must have tested his patience and endurance as I became a super high-maintenance mega-bitch. One thing is for sure, he’s going to be a kickass dad—he’s certainly mastered the art of being a husband.

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