Tuesday, June 14, 2011

I can actually do stuff I enjoy?

My doctor told me some wonderful news today: Red wine is not the devil’s drink and unpasteurized cheese doesn’t need to be off-limits! I mean, all of the maternity books make it sound like you shouldn't even be in the same room with these things much less wanting them for yourself! Oh, you’re a bad mother if you actually want these things.

Obviously I can’t consume as much wine as I did pre-pregnancy but a glass every once in awhile is fine. There are even some interesting studies on the benefits of drinking red wine during pregnancy. Not only am I’m relived that pregnancy is no exception to the everything-in-moderation golden rule but that I don't have to have another truffle debacle or a bad visit to Formaggio's again!

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Adam HH said...

I frigg'n love the new direction of your awesome blog. I am so happy for you guys it's ridiculous. My face fell off from all the smiling!