Sunday, March 8, 2009

Happy Amazing Birthday to Me!

It all began on Friday morning when Miles retrieved/delivered a familiar yellow envelope...the rest is a fun-filled blur of a weekend. Andy planned another Amazing Birthday Race for me - seriously, I'm a lucky girl. For a quick recap of the first one, click here.

I followed clues that led me to an indoor skydiving facility in the afternoon, which was a ridiculously fun experience! We both literally flew in a giant wind tunnel (I'm flying! See photos here) The evening was capped off with a surprise rendezvous with a bunch of friends at Alibi. In between, there was lots of laughing, good friends, sundaes, beer, wine, U2 performed (on GMA), spring was an amazing birthday weekend.
Check out the bday experience here


Kristin said...

Great photos! Love the ones of you guys flying. (It just occurred to me that we should have brought the rest of that cake home with us!)

Adam HH said...

Dude, looks like you guys had such a super awesome time! Yay!

Happy birfday!