Sunday, February 25, 2007

Miles to go before I sleep

I know...I know...I've been slacking on the blog but having a puppy has got us really busy and sleep deprived! Miles is a totally cute fast learner with tons of fluffy goodness. It's a lot of work but he's worth it! Click here for photos of the last couple of weeks.
More photos here - updated 04.01.07


David said...

Ok, that's one really cute little puffball.

Kristin said...

miles won me over. this little puffball is really cute and has a great little personality. happy birthday week, al!

Jo said...

OMG!!!!! He is sooooo cute!!!!!
Thank you lovely Andy for bringing Miles into work last week, it was so nice to finally meet him.
Hope you had a great birthday and are still enjoying puppy parent-hood! ;)
Thanks for the puppy's what keeps me going!

Kristin said...

ok, those photos are too freakin' cute....and i don't even like puppies. that means that everyone who likes dogs will find miles irrestibily cute. who knew that i would find puffy little golden puppies this ridiculously cute?! (and this isn't even influenced by the 14.5% alcohol spanish red i drank tonight. in fact, the wine also has nothing to do with david's comments of how good looking HE was whilst holding miles either. hehehe) see you friday :) xoxoxo

Adam HH said...

Miles is the cutest! I want to thank Andy for bringing him over to Almighty. Arf arf! I got to pet him! So soft and cute even in the freezing snow!