Monday, March 5, 2012

Chelsea Rocks!

We recently discovered some songs about Chelsea. Have a listen to my top 2 Chelsea tracks below. 

Chelsea Rodgers by Prince, Album: Planet Earth, 2007

There are a few really cool things about this Prince song: 1. It's Prince. He's awesome. 2. It is a super funkadelic track. I dare you not to's just not possible. 3. For a Prince tune, the lyrics aren't totally inappropriate so we'll be able to sing it to our Chelsea even as she begins to understand what we are saying – if this song was on Prince's (awesome but raunchy) Diamonds & Pearls album, we'd probably have a problem.

Chelsea by The Summer Set, Album: Love Like This, 2009

This is just a fun, sunshine-y alt pop song. Warning: this is another Elmer's to the brain tune...I can't get it unstuck!

To close out, here's one of my favorite pics of Chelsea from a few weeks ago. In keeping with the music theme of this blog post, her onesie says "Never too small to rock."

(Clearly, her parents are gen-x ers.)

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