Friday, December 30, 2011

January 4th: T Minus 5 Days and Counting

January 4th is the scheduled delivery date!
Here's an update to our breech situation.

Acupunture: The good news, acupuncture made me feel great/so much more comfortable for a day or two! The not-so good news, the baby is still breech...this is not for lack of trying though! I think she made 2 separate attempts to spin around, which in turn, was a little sci-fi and whole lot of excruciating. For two nights in a row last week, as I writhed in pain and my belly behaved like high-tide at the Jersey Shore (yes, visually), I tried to distract myself with the fact that I must look like a scene out of a Star Trek movie –complete with bad acting and weak visual effects. Net result: 2 interesting evenings of boldly going where I never want to go again and one baby with her head up. I just don't think she can get where she needs to be....she's been growing at a good clip and I'm offering a pretty narrow turning radius these days.

Version: We decided against this procedure. With a 50% success rate and a high risk for distress to the baby, it just didn't feel right to us. We have a feeling she may be breech for a reason – not just by chance – and we don't want to mess with it. In addition, I have an anterior placenta (located at the front of my belly instead of the back, where it is more commonly found); this would add further risk as it could get dislodged or damaged since it would technically be sandwiched between the doctor's hands and the baby during the procedure.

C-Section: As long as she remains breech, we will be having a c-section. So unless I go into labor beforehand, the delivery is scheduled for January 4th. Pregnancy is starting to feel like an eternity, so it is a relief to have the end in sight. We're excited and a little stunned to suddenly know the date and time we will become parents!

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