Monday, December 26, 2011

Getting Pissed Off About Pink Toys Will Make Your Heart Swell

Check out this little girl, who happens to be named Riley, as she paces around the doll aisle of a toy store telling her dad that companies "trick girls into buying the pink stuff instead of stuff that boys want to buy."

She continues, "Some girls like superheroes, some girls like princesses! Some boys like superheroes, some boys like princesses! So why do all the girls have to buy pink stuff and all the boys have to buy different color stuff?"

Uncanny isn't it? It's like (Ali) Riley on Marketing to little girls. In my opinion, this weird princess craze has completely overstayed its welcome. While I vehemently disagree with putting a focus on some passive, pretty damsel in distress, I realize a princess or two might make an appearance in our house a some point down the will be ok – but it will be moderation! (Hopefully it's a butt-kicking princess, like the one in Brave, the Pixar movie coming out this summer...just putting that out there.)   

Until then, amen, little Riley for your mature insight and not being afraid to admit you like toys that aren't marketed directly to you!

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ElizaH said...

That is your daughter. For real.