Friday, September 2, 2011

Fruity Drinks Make Me Happy?

As a beer and wine girl, the world of cocktails – make that, mocktails for these 9 months – is unchartered territory. Despite my lack of hard liquor knowledge, I thought by this point in my pregnancy, I would have tried dozens of mocktails and developed a short list of favorites.

However several uncreative bartenders (one of them actually asked me what a mocktail was) have curtailed my libation experimentation.

On more than one occasion “Just make me something grapefruit juice” has landed me with juice, ice and a straw. Once it was in a paper cup. Gee, thanks, now I feel like a third grader.

I recently went out for an after-work drink (read: I'll have water) and discovered a brand new section on the menu of our local bar: Mocktails! I ordered a raspberry nojito and it was awesome. I'm kinda still excited about this...oh, how things have changed!

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