Monday, September 19, 2011

Gearing Up for Workouts

Working out is important to me so it is crucial I maintain a decent level of fitness throughout my pregnancy...or for as long as my body will allow through my pregnancy. I've surrendered – my body is calling the shots these days.

After a prenatal personal training session, I learned monitoring my heart rate is the key working out safely. So I bought this heart rate monitor to use during my cardio workout of choice, spinning. During class, I watch the digital display like a hawk, making sure I stay within the recommended zone without exceeding 140 (the maximum heart rate). It's working really well for me and I'm glad I have this tool to keep me in check so I don't hog all of the oxygen.

When I began monitoring my heart rate several months ago, I felt staying under 140 still provided a decent workout. In the last few weeks, however, one of the (many) changes my body is undergoing is an increase in my standing heart rate. Actually, I am surprised at the significant increase happening each week when I start the monitor up in the locker room. Since I am starting at a higher rate, reaching 140 during my workouts does not take as long as it used to – which is totally fair, my body is already working pretty hard these days.

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