Monday, May 30, 2011

Rodents of Unusual Size (ROUS)

I’ve read that dads-to-be to be can go through all sorts or sympathy pains during their partner’s pregnancy like headaches, weight gain and nausea, the official term for this is hatching. I don’t know if what Andy is feeling qualifies as hatching or just plain guilt for knocking me up (sorry for the crude phrasing there); but he feels responsible for me as I suffer through the gamut of first trimester symptoms.

Whatever it is, I love his take on it: He feels like we’re stuck on an island and decide to divide and concur to find a way home; he sends me in one direction while he explores the other. Unknowingly, the route he sends me on is through the fire swamp (ala The Princess Bride) complete with firespurts, quicksand and ROUS. His route? A stroll along the beach.

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