Saturday, January 12, 2008

Get your Crampon

Leaving our snowshoes and crampons at home turned a pretty easy hike into a very difficult (and perilous) walk through the woods. We immediately discovered our trail through the White Mountains to be a thick sheet of ice but that didn't stop us...hey, we'll get a good workout if nothing else (read: we'll sweat it out as we flounder around this hill)!

It was all fun and games until Andy turned around and said "Uh...Miles just slipped off a cliff." (!) We carefully scooted ourselves over to the edge and saw Miles about 12 feet below us, thankfully unscathed but crying because he couldn't scale back up the icy rock face that separated us. We eventually got to him and ended our hike short, grateful with the outcome of a very scary situation. Phew.
Photos of our grace on the mountain.

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Kristin said...

i gasped reading this and made david come read it over my shoulder. his reaction, "poor miles friend."