Sunday, January 28, 2007

Furballs of Love

We are head over heels about our future puppy and the litter he was born into. It's obsessive, really. When we visit them, we fill up our camera's memory card with images and videos...and on weekends we can't visit the litter, we make the breeder send us photos. They're irresistible. Check out photos and videos of our visits to the breeder's below - they grow up so fast!
Click here to see weeks 2 - 4
Click here for photos of week 5 - you'll want to click here for sure!


Ed said...

Hey Ali and Andy! Anna and I got a puppy a about month ago. His name is Otto and he can't wait to meet your puppy. Hope to see you guys soon.

Adam HH said...

Those aren't puppies! They're snurglebots!!

Scott said...

So cute... congrats!

At the same time, thanks very much! Now the pressure is on at home for us to get a puppy!!! ;)

David said...

AAaaarrrrggghhh! Cute little puppy paws!